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Riku was cursed by an old woman on a subway to face a never ending gauntlet of horrors, every night.  As the story unfolds, Riku will face every cliche spook in every movie or story conceived.  From zombies to wearwolves, to mummy's, Riku and her friends, must use their wits, and turn based tactics to survive.  The game features a spooky hand drawn isometric environment, tactical combat based on a combat system of dice rolls.  You gain experience for completing missions or killing enemies.  Some monsters are strong, and have advantages which make them hard to kill.  The objectives in each level vary, from fetching items, to escaping a spooky area of the town or campus.


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finally found you, I've been looking for your game letown builder, and I wanted to say that it's a great game, loved it when I was younger. 

Thank you for your support!